Questions and Answers

Can memorials be purchased in the winter months?

Absolutely…Cemeteries do not pour foundations in the winter months. We can get started on the memorial and have it ready for Spring delivery. This is also a good time to order for those who wish to have for Memorial Day.

Cremation should not limit the need for a family to memorialize a person’s life. We offer a variety of ways to do this. In many cemeteries, cremains are buried in the grave site and a regular monument or marker is used. We can also place a niche in the base of a monument or bench for the cremains. We also offer decorative urns for cremations.

Can you match my mothers/fathers (etc.) stone?

Yes. We can match most any color, size, shape and design you want

Do people order pre-need markers for themselves?

Yes. This is done quite often, allowing the customer to design their memorial and alleviates stress and potential conflict for families in their time of grief.

Do you do your own work?

Yes. We specialize in making memorials and our work is done in-house

Do you know the regulations for the cemetery?

We service cemeteries within a 40 mile radius. We know the regulations for the cemeteries in our area. Our experienced staff will help you with size regulations and foundation requirements. For cemeteries outside our area we will recommend a reputable monument dealer.

How long will it take to have my memorial delivered?

A memorial generally is delivered within 6-8 weeks. Factors that can lengthen that time are custom etchings, special order granite, and photographic inlays. Most cemeteries do not pour foundations in the winter months, so a memorial order late fall will be delivered in the Spring.

How much does a memorial Cost?

A standard single granite marker can start at $505.00, prices change according to granite color and size. We do offer an indoor and outdoor showroom so you can see what types of memorials are available.

How soon should I purchase after a death?

This can only be determined by the customer. At Jackson Monument Works, we feel families have many decisions to make at time of death and this is not one of them. A memorial that will last forever doesn’t need to be made on an impulse or as a “One stop shopping”. We believe in no pressure sales….this is NOT what the family needs.

If someone is a veteran, how do I order a memorial?

We recommend contacting your local Department of Veterans Affairs office and they will assist you in ordering the plaque. We do offer services of having the memorial mounted on a granite base or on existing memorial.

Jackson Monument Works instead of from a cemetery or Funeral Homes?

Jackson Monument Works specializes in making memorials. We have our own manufacturing plant and do our own work. We are experts in the field of memorials, having been in business since 1910. While a cemetery and funeral homes may be convenient, they do not specialize in memorials. We can provide the expertise to design an appropriate memorial for you, and we offer a complete selection of designs and colors. We also offer an indoor and outdoor showroom so you can SEE what you are buying.

What types of memorials do cemeteries allow?

This will vary with each cemetery. Every cemetery has rules and regulations. JMW will help you determine what size and type is allowed in that particular cemetery.

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