Dear Chris,
Good Job ! Well Done!! Thank you so much It looks good.

Chris & Alicia,
I truly appreciate your devotion and time when a family is in need. It’s people like you who the public can count on for things to get done the right way. My dad would be honored. Thank you again….
B. Reasoner

The headstone is beautiful. I am well pleased. You did a beautiful job.Thanks again.
M. Whitney

Dear Chris, Monument is more beautiful than I imagined or could hope for!. Everything is just perfect on it. I can’t thank you enough for “taking us under your wing” so-to-speak and helping us when so many wouldn’t give us the time of day. It seems fitting in a way that her stone was “the most challenging and rewarding” as I heard that from most of her specialists and therapists involved with our daughters life. Thanks again, so very much !!
M.Hesel and family

Dear Chris,
We wanted you to know the gratefulness we feel to you and your staff for making a task we were dreading, that of choosing grave markers, into something that gave us a real feeling of satisfaction that not only our son’s stone was just right but ours as well. You went above and beyond making sure we had what we wanted, making changes and doing uncommon things like the Morse code to make sure everything was exactly right so we wouldn’t have and second thoughts on what was done and wouldn’t have to do more until later when time came to add our dates etc. We where glad to meet your workers and see how much they too wanted everything perfect!
If we ever have the opportunity to recommend your business we will certainly do so.
Thanks again!!
Mr. & Mrs. R. French

Thank you for all your help as we had to do this “Long Distance”

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for the wonderful service.
S. Bedrosian

Thank you. The family is more tha pleased. Also we are impressed with your attitude of caring while still being very professional.

Thank you !
R. Johnson

Dear Alicia,
We want to thank you for providing us service to honor our deceased Veteran, Great Uncle Harry. All of our questions and concerns were answered with compassion and respect. After seeing you, we were able to drive across the state to Woodland Cemetery and place a V.A. “marker” next to Great Uncle Harry’s headstone. Our drive home to Cleveland was very peaceful, thanks to you! Sincerely, T & L Walsh
T & L Walsh

Thanks for your help during this difficult process.
R. Kraft

Chris & Alicia
Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job. You are appreciated !
P. Oberdorf

Jackson Monument Works 100 Years, Congratulations
Your service to me has been excellent. thank you
The next 100 years have started. Good Luck
R. Gauss

A truley suberb and wonderful job!
Thanks so much for working with us and
completing prior to Memorial Day.
J. Raby

Alicia and Chris, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful marker for my mom. I was able to stop and see it at the cemetery and it looks great. I appreciate all the time you took to help us choose the marker. I know we had a very small budget to work with, but the marker is certainly everything I could have hoped for. More than that, you made us feel like we were appreciated as customers and took the time to explain all the options we had. We felt good about the decision we made. I’m certainly glad we choose you for our marker. Thanks again
J. Kingsley

This is SOOOO AWESOME and she loves it!
thankx for all your help….not to sound morbid but it ROCKS! lol its perfect!
K. Thomas

Thank you for all your patience & help in making our choice. We are very happy with the result.
Sincerely, D.Foster
D. Foster

The monument is Beautiful! Thank you for all your help in selecting our parents grave marker. It looks great. We are so plese with the final product. Sincerely,
D. Kaminski